Shane's Astrophotos

About this Website

My three implementation goals for this website are:

This website was consists of a set of HTML and CSS files.

The website attempts to size the CCD astrophotos so that they fit nicely on your screen without scrolling. This is done via the the CSS3 media query functionality. Media queries are supported in most modern browsers. If your browser does not support media queries, you will receive CCD images that are sized for 720p displays.

There is only one page with active content: the Field of View Calculators page uses JavaScript to perform the calculations. The JavaScript is part of the HTML file and can be inspected for functionality and audited for security using your browser's View Source functionality.

This website does not attempt to support every known browser and version. During development, I tested the code on Firefox and Opera. The website should display reasonably on recent versions of the following browsers:

I have tried to code in standard, error free HTML and CSS. All files pass the tests at the W3C Markup Validation Service.

Valid CSS!

There is not validation badge for HTML5 yet. When W3C makes one, I'll put it here!