M-31 - Andromeda Galaxy
RA: 00h 42m 44s; Dec: 41° 16′ 09″; Dist: ~2.5 Mly
Imaging Instrument 4 Inch Refractor at Prime Focus
Focal Length 530 mm
Focal Ratio 5.0
Imaging Camera SBIG ST-8300C
Guiding Instrument 5" f/8 Refractor
Guiding Camera QSI 5L-II
Image Capture Sequence Generator Pro
Guiding PHD v2
Image Processing PixInsight and Custom Program
Two-panel mosaic processed with the Variable-Pixel Linear Reconstruction (Drizzle) algorithm.
Total Image Frames 136 (68 frames per panel)
Total Image Time 11.5 hours (5.75 hours per panel)
Frames Exposure Camera Temperature Date Location
6 300 sec -25°C 28-Aug-2014 Tijeras NM
40 300 sec -25°C 29-Aug-2014 Tijeras NM
10 300 sec -30°C 14-Oct-2014 Tijeras NM
17 300 sec -25°C 23-Oct-2014 Ft McKavett TX
17 300 sec -15°C 24-Oct-2014 Ft McKavett TX
28 300 sec -20°C 24-Oct-2014 Ft McKavett TX
18 300 sec -15°C 25-Oct-2014 Ft McKavett TX
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